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Assorted 9 Colored Powders

Assorted 9 Colored Powders

Assorted 9 different colours of natural coloured powder. Each colour is 5g, packed into a resealable bag. Please store powders at cool and dry place, always use a small spoon to scoop out powders instead of direct pouring. 


  • Red Yeast - 紅麴
  • Yellow - 梔子黃
  • Blue - 梔子藍
  • Purple - 梔子紫
  • Green - 梔子綠
  • Cactus Pink - 仙人掌粉
  • Red (A) - 栀子红 (A)
  • Red - 栀子红
  • Sweet Potato Purple - 紫甘薯


*Picture is only for illustration purpose. The actual tone might vary as it depends on amount of powder you use in process of color mixing.

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